11 Dec 2009
Of course we've added the TSA screening document!
14 Nov 2009
Here are two unrelated facts:
  • There exists two men whose names are Wolfgang Werlé and Manfred Lauber.
  • In 1993, two men were convicted for the murder of Walter Sedlmayr.
Curiously, if you were in Germany it would be illegal to say those facts were related. It may even be illegal there to say they are unrelated, or to say that it is even illegal, because that too provides information that the two facts are sufficiently related such that it is illegal to say that they are related. We are unaware of the legal status (in any country) of these two unrelated facts:
  • There exists a man whose name is Glenn Beck.
  • In 1990, a man raped and murdered a young girl.
or these:
  • There exists a man whose name is Barack Obama.
  • In 1961, a boy was born in Kenya Colony.
04 Oct 2009
Oh, no! Run for the hills, everybody: Iran has data! Somebody check our archives, because they might have gotten it from us. Any weapons-grade fetish they might have acquired, though, is purely their own.
13 Mar 2009
The kindlefix is in.
01 Mar 2009
Here's an interesting data point: we just got our first spam at the address listed below. We've long thought that spidering the web was no longer a significant method for adding new addresses. When it takes almost 9 months to pick up on a new email address in the clear, it's hard to see that as anything but confirmation.


17 Jun 2008
Another really relevant referrer report: we've decided to change our handling of anonymous email addresses by getting lazy and shifting it all over to Mailinator. Just use anon.datafetish.com (e.g., MoronsMailMe@anon.datafetish.com) when you don't want to give out your regular email, and see http://anon.datafetish.com/ for more info.
20 Feb 2008
Have you heard the numbing number news? The target this time is 1481641376. One Judge Jeffrey Steven White thinks it is illegal to refer to as http://www.wikileaks.org/! Makes us wonder if that means it's also forbidden to refer to Wikileaks as http://wikileaks.datafetish.com/.


20 Sep 2007
MediaDefender emails added to archive.
02 May 2007
We steadfastly refuse to make a special addition of 00001001 11111001 00010001 00000010 10011101 01110100 11100011 01011011 11011000 01000001 01010110 11000101 01100011 01010110 10001000 11000000 to the archive. If that's the sort of fetish that interests you, you'll have to click on it elsewhere!
07 Jan 2007
Disney KSFO clips added to archive. And here you thought their pro-whoring film was as low as they would go!


16 Nov 2006
Best Buy Black Friday price list added to archive.
13 Aug 2006
After months of stealth updates, noteworthy is the addition of the AOL user search data to the archive. A quick tally for reference:


30 Dec 2005
We have honestly been too overwhelmed by the data that has been flowing since our last news update in 2004. Hopefully in 2006 the world will stick to man-made injustices, and not the man-made cluster fucks that have been following natural, and some not-so-natural, disasters. All signs are pointing to it . . . unfortunately.


09 Apr 2004
playfair? Yep, we added it. When will other companies learn the DMCA cuts both ways?
14 Feb 2004
The Grey Album added a number of times (many different formats/encodings).


26 Aug 2003
Started to make use of the site's favicon.ico file. Nothing too interesting just yet, but we see potential . . .
02 Jun 2003
Judge Diana LewisThis is the face of Judge Diana Lewis (Palm Beach County 15th Circuit Court Group 14). She can be contacted via her assistant, Darcy Dean, at 561-355-2097. Why would you want to do that? Judge Lewis is seemingly against free speech, denying Tucker Max his right to write about a relationship with a "celebrity", Katy Johnson. You guessed it: The Miss Vermont Story has been added to the archive. Why would Judge Lewis be so anti-Constitutional? Are there perhaps similar stories about her she would not like told? If so, they might just have found their way into the archive, too. :-)
31 May 2003
Slight site update. We've also created some gear on a CafePress store so you can show the world everything that you cannot hide. For a limited time, from now until the end of July, for every dollar you spend on the merchandise you also get to add a page to the DataFetish archives!
09 Apr 2003
Added Xbox modus.
04 Apr 2003
Undisclosed changes. Whiskey India Hotel; Sierra Romeo Echo.
26 Jan 2003
Updated the look of the site. Underneath it's now XHTML and CSS, and we decided that a black and white theme would better match the aim of the site.


No disclosed news items.


01 Nov 2001
The November Quote says it all. Since our interest is in pure binary data, datafetish.com is essentially an idea-free zone! Without ideas, can the concept of Intellectual Property (IP) even be valid?
01 Nov 2001
Windows XP pages added to archive.
19 Mar 2001
We really need to work up an award for the kind of efforts that datafetish.com is all about. For an extremely interesting application of data fetishism applied to the DeCSS issue, please take a look at this page.
19 Mar 2001
OT III pages added to archive.
19 Mar 2001
Didn't have any interesting issues for a while, but interesting things have happened recently to prompt an update.


13 Nov 2000
Anonymous URL redirection in beta.
23 Sep 2000
Anonymous remailer in beta.
02 Sep 2000
CueCat pages added to archive.
02 Sep 2000
Tweaked the layout a bit. Still needs work, and will continue to see changes during the beta process.
31 Aug 2000
DeCSS pages added to archive.
31 Aug 2000
Extensive document archive brought online. Beta version goes live.

Prior to the 21st Century

No disclosed news items.